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Community Involvement

Community involvement means
we do buy tickets and cookies from children in the neighborhood,
we work with not-for-profit organizations and local sporting teams,
and during the times of need we help out with local food collection groups.
At Ground Control, we feel we have more we can do.
For us, it's a real desire to make the community better for all.

A safer play area

A safer play area

Fresh sand and Sod

Fresh sand and Sod

A new path

A new path

As a family in the community

We want to improve the area and make it safer.

Fam B
Fam A

Sometimes the best way we can give back to the community we love,
is to work through the night to clear out old unsafe park structures and replace them with new, safe and fun equipment for the area.

Project 3a
Project 3b
Project 3c
Project 3d

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